Positioning Statement

First meeting with my mentor went really well – she’s a HR executive, which is handy. One of the things she suggested I work on straight away is my positioning statement. What, as in marketing? As in the chapter ‘Positioning‘, which I only studied the week before? Well, to quote my marketing textbook “Positioning has […]

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Mentor – in Progress

So, I’ve been able to sign up for a mentor programme which will match me up to someone on their books. It was a bit of a test to get through, though. I was honest, open, and let her know that I’m studying, not particularly goal-driven, but would like a mentor to explore options outside […]

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Another word for ‘leadership’?

I’m putting together the framework for a leadership programme at work, designed for our chiropractor members, to assist them in their career development and hopefully encourage them to take on leadership roles in the profession, community and health sector. I’ve hit a snag though. Chiropractors seem to be put off by the word “leadership”. Whether […]

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Tick, tick, tick…

Okay, a slight change of plan for my space travels, since one of my crew has fallen ill and can no longer look after my junior astronaut so I can spend a day on study. The panic hasn’t set in yet… I have 4 assignments due in April, in a two week period. Plus a […]

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Planning rest time

A chiropractor is talking about the importance of scheduling in ‘rest time’.That made the cogs in my brain whir. I’ve had problems achieving a couple of my personal goals: regular meditation and walking the dogs every day. I’ve tried to squeeze them in, without really planning a set space of time for them. There’s also […]

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Project Mentor

Inspired to push myself more, but be better organised (!), I’m trying to divide my work into proper projects, so I can manage time, tasks and progress. I’ve been reading ‘The Game Changer’ by Dr Jason Fox, and ‘The New Rules of Management’ by Peter Cook (crappy title, and unfortunately not the late comedian, but […]

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Roger, that.

This year is seeing a few changes: work, study, and …more study. In the spirit of Dr Jason Fox, I’m working with a word for the year: astronaut. It’s a nice word to see a greater perspective and explore new, bold things. Let’s see how that pans out…

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